Graduated Architect

Pirkko is an architect interior designer who graduated from Ecole Polytechnique of Helsinki in Finland.

She moved to Paris where she started an international modeling carrier that took her all over the world for the following two years. She developed a keen sense of fashion and fantastic feel for new trends.

She decided to end her fashion modeling to start her family, and moved to Switzerland.
Her love for fashion, the experience she gained during her modeling years, and her training as an architect made her come up with a revolutionary concept design that dates back 32 years. She opened stores whose concept was to create an adaptive lifestyle and create a statement from your interior to the way you dress. For the following three decades, Pirkko continued to search for and collect unique clothing and design pieces.

The concept became a real success and Pirkko opened three stores in Lausanne, Morges, and Geneva. Over the years, Pirkko has garnered a unique style: avant-garde, modern, and yet classic and timeless. Mixing new trends and antiques that she collected on an exclusive basis, each piece has a story behind it, making it magical and special.

Pirkko has completed interior decoration in several great houses in the region over decades and has built up strong relationships with a loyal customer base. She has always been driven by the will of bringing to life her client’s personalities, styles and wishes. She values and takes great pride in giving the best service to her clients, carefully picking her suppliers, contractors and artisans with the highest level of expertise in their respective fields.

Today, her activity is fully focused on interior design with her showroom Pirkko Interior Decoration in Lausanne where she also carries and represents the Lambert brand. The store offers a vast collection of furniture, sofas, curtains, lighting and accessories chosen through the best collections available.